Saturday, May 21, 2016

Are You There Blogger? It's Me Sydney.

In honor of this being my first blog, I thought I would share my first assignment that I completed in my children's literature class! 

     When I was signing up to take a Maymester class this Summer, (School for 3 hours, everyday, for 3 full weeks) I was honestly thinking oh my goodness this is going to be awful! I was anticipating that I was going to be sitting for three hours a day, taking notes, and all the while dreaming of being beside my swimming pool. I am happy to announce that I was definitely wrong! My first week of Maymester has consisted of hands on activities, meeting new people who share my love for teaching, lots of laughter, and thankfully rainy and chilly days so I was not dreaming of swimming pool too often. 

   The first assignment that I completed was an Author Study over Judy Blume. I really enjoyed looking into Judy's background and accomplishments. Rather than ramble on in this blog, I thought I would share a short interview clip that I found where Judy discusses all things Judy. I hope you enjoy learning about a sassy, witty author who has reached her goals and is still doing what she loves!

Thank you for reading!


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