Saturday, May 21, 2016

Here's to you Presley June

     On January 15th, 2015 I got a new name. Presley June Campbell was born and I became Aunt Squid. I had no idea how much I was going to love that little girl until I held her for the first time. She is my sunshine and there is not a thing in this world I would not do for her.

On her first birthday, I was stumped for what to give her. I wanted to give her something memorable, but also something that was fun. I began thinking of things that I enjoy that I hoped I could share with her one day. I thought for several weeks and finally was hit with an idea. I decided that I would share my favorite movie with her, The Little Mermaid. I got on Amazon and ordered the three disc movie collection and thought I was set. And then I realized I was missing the memorable aspect to my gift. So I began googling books about the Little Mermaid and planned on writing a sweet letter in the cover. What I ended up with went beyond my expectations. has a collection of princess stories that allows the creator to put their own personal touches into their story of choice. You can even decorate the character you are creating to look like the person you are creating it for. 

I could not of found a more perfect gift to share with my sweet niece. I love that I was able to share my love for reading with her in a way that she will be able to keep forever. Isn't it so neat how we can use stories and books to explain our feelings in such memorable ways?

So here's to you Presley June: "On land or in the ocean blue, may all your sweetest dreams come true." -Love Aunt Squid 
P.S. Please never outgrow letting me read to you, cuddles, and naps.

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