Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thanks for the Reminder Dr. Seuss

One of the biggest perks for me about attending the university in my home town is that I am surrounded by the parts of my life that got me to where I am today. When I began college, I started as an accounting major. I love math, I'm good at math, and I thought well this will be perfect for me! I soon found that I was wrong. There was nothing about my major that made me feel connected to it. I barely had interest in any of my classes, and honestly I dreaded the years ahead of me that I would spend taking more of these classes.

One day it hit me. I mean it all but smacked me in the head, punched me in the stomach, and kicked me down. You may be wondering what this "it" is that I am referring to. This "it" was the realization was that I was not fulfilling my dreams. After several prayers, a visit to my adviser and a visit to my grandmother I made my way to the bursars office to change my major to K-6 education. 

I was very excited about this change of major but in the months that followed this decision I was hit by doubt more than once. It was not doubt that I had made the wrong choice in what I wanted to do, it was doubt that I had made the right choice for what I needed to do. Would I make enough money as a teacher? Would I ever be okay with the fact that Kindergartners don't get naps anymore? Was I a nice enough person to become a teacher? 

I continued having these thoughts, until I visited a special kindergarten class about two weeks ago. My sister asked me to read to her Kindergarten class because it was favorite book day. I knew exactly what book I wanted to read. So I got ready, drove to my old primary school, signed in outside of the office my grandmother used to sit in as principal of the school, walked down the Kindergarten hallway where Mrs. Linda Hathcock taught me all about the alphabet, and knocked on my sisters door where I was greeted by 20 smiling 5 year old children. 

I read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, the first book I read all by myself. I told the kids about how Mrs. Hathcock had called my grandmother down to my class so that I could read the story to her. I told them how ever since that day I have loved reading and learning and how important they both are. As I looked at them while I read and saw there smiles, I knew why I had chosen to be a teacher. 

So yes, I am proud that I am a future educator. I am okay with making 35,000 dollars a year compared to the 85,000 dollars I could of made as an accountant. I am excited for my future. And yes, I would eat green eggs and ham in a box, with a fox, in the dark, on a train, even in the rain. 

My challenge remains from my last post. Go read a children's book! You will be shocked how wide your eyes can still be opened, even by a simple little rhyme about something as nasty as green eggs and ham.

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